THE Vegetable Sandwich

There are a decent amount of can't-have-food-touch-on-my-plate kind of people out there in the world. I have nothing against these people; I am related to some of these people. I, however, am not one of these people.

I get fro-yo more for the toppings than the actually frozen yogurt. I love salad bars because I can put as much stuff as I want on one plate. I always make sure my Chipotle burrito bowls are fully mixed before I eat to guarantee the maximum amount of flavors possible in each bite. I love to dip, dunk, and drench (maybe not drench but.. alliteration is cool) my food in as many flavor as possible. And on top of all of this: sandwiches are my favorite food group.

This sandwich, "THE Vegetable Sandwich", evolved from me making a quick sandwich for lunch to me putting every single thing that grows from the ground that was in my refrigerator in-between two pieces of bread. I hope you find as much happiness in this carb surrounded veggie heaven as I did.

the veggie

orange pepper
2 slices of ezekiel bread

NOTE: I used cucumber tzatziki hummus but any flavor would work!